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Yes, All products that are manufactured or marketed by the brand Dr. Gluten are Gluten Free and are processed, packed and repacked in Gluten Free controlled environment.

We do not extract gluten from any product or raw material, we rather use ingredients and Raw material that is Gluten Free by nature.

Yes, as mentioned all Dr. Gluten products are manufactured and packed in a controlled environment there is no chances on contamination and all Dr. Gluten products have gluten level much below 20ppm which is a guideline mentioned by FSSAI & USFDA.

Yes, apart from being Gluten Free our products are also healthier than the regular food and some of the products are vegan & plant based as well. Our products are relished by people of all age and health conditions.

All products have a different shelf life and their date of manufacturing and best before is mentioned on the packet. Incase you get a product without such information you can get in touch with us at [email protected] and claim a replacement.